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Whether you’re preparing for an all-important pitch for investment or looking for a unique presentation to use in sales pitches, your number one goal is to persuade and inspire the audience. So we build presentations that just do that.

Developing a product or crafting an idea takes a lot of time, effort and money. So when the stakes are that high, it crucial your final presentation flawlessly, showcases your product in all its glory. Leaving your audience mesmerized and ready to take action.

We’re an experts in presentation design agency, building meaningful graphics across platforms like Powerpoint, Keynote, and Prezi that are crafted with a single goal in mind. i.e.To influence.

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Why Purple Patch?

We’re professional pitch deck designers with decades of on-the-ground experience sitting front row at hundreds of events and pitches, so we know what works and what doesn’t! Unlike a traditional graphic design agency our expertise lies in presentation design and we’ve been using this expertise to help businesses sell and start-ups raise capital for years.

Our design skills across PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi mean we can create captivating graphics and visual effects that you didn’t know were possible. We’ve worked with global brands to craft presentations that inspire and influence audiences in varied applications. From big screen graphics to interactive iPad and tablet displays we create solutions for your next pitch that guarantee to leave an impression.

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Sales deck are everywhere

Our sales deck presentations aren’t just for projectors; we’re flexible enough to create visuals to aid any type of sales pitch no matter where it takes place.

And although we’ve worked with a lot of major corporate clients, we’ve also created stunning presentations for a whole range of sales applications including:

  • Agency client pitches
  • Investor pitch presentations
  • Start-up funding pitches
  • Conference sales presentations
  • Sales team presentation templates

Influencing audiences on mass with your pitch is a tall order.

But helping you cut through the distractions and keep your audience engaged is our specialty, which we do by designing compelling visuals with engaging messages.

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