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Maybe you’ve heard the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The same saying holds true when it comes to data visualisation and presentation design.
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Since 90% of the information is transmitted from the outer world to our brains in a visual format, and we tend to process images as much as 60,000 times faster as compared to text – it all just makes so much sense.

Having a clear visual representation of data lets the audience process the information far easier as compared to simply reading a bunch of statistics presented in text format. Plus, visual data is much easier to remember and recall.

This simply means – if you want to your audience understand the subject matter of your presentation well and reach the conclusion you want them to arrive at by the end of it, you need to leverage the power of data visualisation and design. By telling your audience a compelling story with the help of data visualisation and design, you can gain the power to not just influence them but also entertain and surprise them with what you have to present in front of them.

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Who can make good use of data visualisation

If you are:
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- a business owner or an employee who needs present sales figures or a performance review to the senior managers, board of directors, or investors

- a research team or a startup that needs to present their information to potential investors for more funding

- a presenter or a teacher who wants to display statistics or complex information in a meaningful format to their audience or students

.. and the list goes on.

Why Presentation Experts

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- We are the expert presentation design agency, as our name suggests, and we know how to integrate visual data in both digital and print media

- We prepare the data visualisation in formats that are easily accessible and shareable across various popular online platforms using cutting edge data visualisation tools

- Our team of analysts and graphic designers do all the data analysis and visual design work, so you don’t have to

We can help you achieve the following goals

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- Understand the basics of visual storytelling

- Refine your storyline to make a connection with your audience

- Improve the overall effectiveness of your presentation

- Choose the right types of charts and presentation formats to deliver the messages you want to communicate to your audience

- Make the visual data easy to read and understand

- Use data visualisation examples including but not limited to infographics, colour histograms, 3D charts and graphs, etc.

Our creative process

Understand the brief
Develop solutions
Initial concept
Presentation design
Final tweaks and delivery

Presentation Experts

At Presentation Experts, interactive data visualisation is our forte. We know how to use various visual elements to create a focal point in your presentation that you can use to freely discuss the topic with your audience.
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With the help of data visualisation and specialised tools that make data design interactive, you can uncover new insights, explore various trends and anomalies in the data sets, and share them effectively with your audience.

To learn more about our presentation design services and training courses, get in touch with us today!

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