what we do

We’re experts in the art of designing impactful presentations that deliver your message to an audience creatively and effectively. With years of experience in designing presentations across all platforms including PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi, our presentations guarantee to engage your audience.

Every presentation is different – so we offer a flexible range of services designed to match your needs. At it’s most simple, you might want us to provide a quick tidy up of an existing deck that over time, with additions and alterations, has lost its way or feels a bit dated. We’re always happy to do this, and your presentation will look better, but where we really come into our own is when we develop something together from the ground up.

PowerPoint Presentation Design
Pitch Decks & Sales Presentations
Infographic Design Agency

a fresh start

Your presentation might be for a one off event or series of events, it might be in a huge conference hall or in a small boardroom – whatever the subject matter, wherever the setting, we develop both the words and the visual language that will tell your story with clarity and impact.

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brand reboot

Sometimes it’s not about the message: it’s about the brand – particularly when your organisation is reimagining its corporate identity. We create new and consistent presentation templates for organisations undergoing a brand refresh.

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Other times it’s not even about presenting! We’re equally at home creating presentations for peer-to-peer internal communications.

perfect pitches

Sales pitches are some of the most important work we deliver. Our designers specialise in creating flexible, interactive presentations that allow your teams access the killer fact or figure at exactly the right moment.

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creative theme

We don’t believe in bullet points, we know there’s far more exciting ways to get your messages across, yet too much and it gets confused and lost. That’ why we help you develop a hook, a creative theme to use as a vehicle to tell your whole story.

event logos

If your presentation is for a one-off event, give it its own identity. Talk to us about designing a bespoke logo.


A presentation doesn’t have to be just words and pictures. We can integrate audio and video to enrich the audience experience across any platform, including PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi.

practice, practice, practice

If you’re not a seasoned presenter who once walked the boards, we offer personal speaker training, so you’re confident to take your story to the stage and really engage with your audience.

You only get one opportunity to impress your audience and deliver your message. There are no second chances. Our events deliver your messages and engage your audiences at every touchpoint.

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Films communicate ideas and stories. When words convey less than 10% of what we hear, see and feel, then film is sometimes the best way to get your message across.

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