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As part of our presentation training workshop, you’ll have guided coaching from our three experts on delivering presentations. With our background in producing live events, we have the hybrid knowledge business professionals need when it comes to presentations.

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What Does a Presentation Coach Do?

Presentation coaches are qualified professionals who teach methods for improving public speaking. Our coaches will help your employees unlock their potential for giving presentations. We guide them to sharpen their message and understand their audience – two underrated but essential elements of giving presentations. 

When you collaborate with the Presentation Experts for public speaking coaching, you’ll have access to three of our presentation specialists. We’ll work with your staff, usually in small teams of about eight people, throughout the course of a day. In our workshop, we’ll go over every aspect of presentations, from planning to delivery. We’ll also discuss how presentation design goes in tandem with your speech.

Our workshop also includes time for practicing speech delivery and offering feedback. After learning about giving presentations, your employees will have the chance to put their knowledge into practice. A hands-on, responsive approach is our preferred coaching method. 

Meet our coaches:


Director, Purple Patch Group with 15 years’ experience of managing live events

Van Hool

Presentation Coach, RADA Dip. MA MSc
One-to-one coach on executive presence and confidence


Expert Presentation Designer with over 20 years of hands on design experience

How Public Speaking Coaching Improves Your Speech Skills .

What are the tangible benefits you’ll reap when going through Presentation coaching with the Presentation Experts? Among other things, you’ll master your voice, natural presentation, and confident delivery. 

  • Train Your Voice – With presentation coaching, you can learn how to speak in a confident, poised manner. You’ll discover how to command attention with your tone and how to alter your rhythm to keep your audience engaged.
  • Present Naturally – You’ll also develop a natural demeanor when presenting. Make yourself understood clearly by your audience, in a refined and polished way. You’ll learn how to be comfortable speaking in front of others, whether a big crowd or small.
  • Deliver with Confidence – Public speaking coaching can heighten your self-esteem when giving a speech. You can learn how to manage your nerves and deliver an insightful presentation. Better public speaking skills can also boost your overall confidence in professional life.
Why Presentation Training?
Level Up Your Presentation Game
Raise Your Confidence
Deliver your best
Whether you are an experienced presenter or just a beginner, we can help you to build your confidence, improve your game, and make your presentations more engaging and memorable. To leave a lasting impact on your audience and get the best results from your presentations, you need to know the tricks of the game.
We help you learn how to create an interactive presentation and also handle any size of audience with relative ease. If you feel nervous about presenting to your audience, we will train you on how to keep it under control so that you can deliver a flawless presentation. Needless to say, low confidence is what keeps presenters from pulling it off in front of any kind of audience.
Our Presentation Training course content is tailored to help people at your skill level to level up their presentation game. Not only do we train you to deliver an amazing presentation in front of your audience, but we also train you to be one of the top influencers in your niche. Even though our courses are in high demand, we try to have a maximum of eight people on each course day, so there’s plenty of time for practice for everyone. Join our special Presentation Training course in case you are serious about taking your current presentation skills to the next level!

Why Should You Hire a Company Presentation Coach?

The benefits of presentation coaching for employees are proven. Those with a public speaking fear are likely to earn 10% less wages than their more bold counterparts. This fear can also limit your management promotion chances by 15%. These statistics are only a few reasons why investing in company presentation coaching is worthwhile. Solid presentation skills can also boost morale, reduce turnover, enhance professionalism, and build a strong team.

  •  Boost Morale – Many employees admit that they’re dissatisfied with their level of public speaking skills. Giving presentations is a skill to be trained, just like any other job skill. Hiring experts to coach your staff on public speaking will show your investment in their professional growth, which will improve overall confidence and morale.
  • Reduce Turnover – By developing your team professionally, you create well-rounded individuals. Ideally, your investment in their training leads to their taking on more responsibilities, reducing your need to hire for more positions. It’s also true that employees who feel valued and who excel at their jobs are more likely to stay with their company longer.
  • Teach Professionalism – At times, you might call upon your employees to present to external stakeholders. You want your organisation to be well-represented, so giving your staff the public speaking skills to close deals in a professional, polished manner is a worthwhile investment.
  • Build a Team – Presentation coaching can also foster stronger bonds between teams. Going through public speaking training together will forge a connection and improve overall staff communication. Better dialogue leads to productive teams.

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