Answers to the most commonly asked questions we get from clients every day 

Pricing & timescales.

That depends on a few factors: length of presentation (i.e. number of slides), complexity of content and how intricate the design requirements are, and how well we know your branding and preferences. 

However, to give you a rough guide, our speedy designers can work their magic on 10-20 slides per day (sometimes more if we’ve worked with you before).

In most cases, we work on a day rate which is estimated on the factors above and don’t worry, we’ll always include reasonable time in our quotes that allow you to make amends and tweaks to your content until you’re 100% happy with it.

Take a look at our PRICING page for some more detail but the best place to start is by giving us a call and chatting through your requirements.

Our speedy designers can work their magic on a presentation at a rate of about 10-20 slides per day depending on the complexity of the content and level of design required.

We always include time to create initial design concepts for you to see at the start, plus reasonable time for you to tweak your content at the end of every project.


You’re not alone! We’re in the business of tight deadlines.

Tell us what you need and when you need it and we’ll pull out all the stops to deliver it.

Getting started.

All we need to get started is a good idea of what you are trying to achieve with your presentation and any draft content. If you’re not entirely sure, don’t worry, we’ll help you articulate it. 

We’ll also need anything if you have it available:

  • brand guidelines
  • logo 
  • colour references
  • fonts
  • graphic elements you use (shapes, icons, etc)
  • photography (if you have specific library images you want use to use)
  • draft presentation content
  • script if you have one
  • examples of presentations you’ve seen and loved 
  • examples of any other materials you might have that represent a style you want us to create

That’s OK. Give us a call and we’ll ask you lots of leading questions that will help you articulate your thoughts and determine how we can help.

The first thing we’re likely to ask is “what do you want your audience to KNOW, FEEL or DO after you deliver your presentation?” This the best place to start. We will guide you through the rest.

Yes we can. We have a team of skilled scriptwriters and storytellers that can work with you to build your presentation and bring out the key messages.

Yes we can. Often, working from a script and designing the presentation to match is the best approach. 

Your presentation will be designed to support your script and engage your audience. 

We can also help you with presentation training if you need help on the delivery as well

Technology & design.

PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi and Google Slides all offer different benefits.

PowerPoint is best for those working on PCs but it’s also accessible for MAC users. Microsoft Office 365 subscribers will benefit from the full spectrum of it’s functionality. PowerPoint is still the most popular choice and also the most powerful from a functionality perspective.

Keynote is generally favoured by MAC users and offers a more design oriented style of functions.

Prezi works well for presentations based around a ‘bigger picture’ format. Prezi is not as popular as it used to be – possibly because if used badly it tends to make audiences feel a bit queasy.

Google Slides is very similar to PowerPoint but has slightly less functionality (for now). This is the rising star of presentation design and we predict we’ll see a lot more of it very soon.

Yes, absolutely. 

Our presentations are all bespoke so we can design according to Brand Guidelines, colours, fonts, etc.

If you don’t have Brand Guidelines, that’s also fine. We are skilled at matching the style of any of your materials (website, marketing communications, etc.) or creating styles from scratch.

Yes, absolutely. 

All our work is designed to be edited by our clients for future use. The nature of presentations is that they should be accessible to the end user and easily adapted.

Yes, absolutely!

Our bespoke templates are designed to increase the overall level of presentation design across your organisation and decrease the time it takes your teams to create them. 

Our Templates work best coupled with a presentation Toolkit which is packed with layout options and graphic elements that reflect the content you present as an organisation.

We can also send one of our wonderfully geeky designers into your organisation to help train your staff in how to get the best use out of your template too.

Yes, we can. We use infographics to translate and visualize key data points all the time. It’s part of designing engaging content.