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Refresh Your Old Presentations with a Slide Revamp

Have you been using the same corporate slides for years?
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Are you wondering if your presentation is outdated or, worse, not engaging at all? If you give multiple presentations on a regular basis, chances are, you reuse the same template and don’t have the necessary time to redesign it.

If you find yourself in this situation, you’re in need of a slide revamp. A crisp redesign of your slides can breathe new life into your presentation, making it the engaging event it’s meant to be. If you don’t have the time for a full redesign, the Presentation Experts can help. London organisations turn to us for full-scale PowerPoint redesign because we deliver on quality and expertise.

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Our Slide Revamp Services

The Presentation Experts can do a full redesign on any existing PowerPoint presentation you have. We can also create new templates that are fully customisable for your brand.
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What exactly is included in a slide revamp? We’ll look through your existing slides, identifying weak points in both design and usability. Based on the info you provide us about your brand, we will enhance your current template to better reflect your messaging. You’ll also provide us with your goals and prospective audience for your presentation template so we can optimise it. A sales pitch to a small group of investors won’t require the same design as a visual backdrop for a conference speech!

We’ll not only ensure that the design of your slides is perfect, but also that the template is organised for usability. You might not be the only one using the PowerPoint, so it’s vital to ensure accessibility across users, teams, and departments.

Why Hire Experts for a Presentation Redesign

If you’ve identified a problem with your slide design, then you’ve already done half the work. Many presenters don’t even realise that their visuals are sub-par, or that their slides are the reason for low audience engagement.
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If you’ve noticed your slides could use some updating but aren’t sure how, then presentation professionals can help. Experts in creating PowerPoint slides will know which weak spots to look for in your presentation, since they have extensive experience doing so. They’ll also understand exactly how to fix those problem areas while adhering to your brand messaging and presentation goals.

Signs Your Presentation Needs a Revamp

There are several signs to look out for which indicate you need to redesign your slides.
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Disorganised Slide Master – If your slide master has duplicate layouts, layouts with no names, or other dysfunctional aspects to it, then it’s not easy to use. A PowerPoint template that’s meant to be used by different people in the same company should be accessible and structured.

Out-of-Date Themes – Is the theme or colour palette you’re using updated? Themes can help you organise your overall design, but often we see people leaning on them like a crutch. They don’t expand upon the basic theme provided and they never update or change it.

Template Instructions – If your PowerPoint template is passed around between teams in your company, chances are people have added or deleted things with each new presentation. This creates a jumbled mess, a nightmare for any new presenter who intends to use the template. Inserting instructions on how to use the template can be enormously helpful for presenters who have to make changes for their presentation.

Contact us Today about Revamping Your Slides

The Presentation Experts offer slide revamp and full PowerPoint template redesign services to help organisations make stunning presentations.
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Clients who come to us often aren’t starting from scratch, so they need our expertise in redesigning their PowerPoint.

To discuss our slide revamp services, get in contact with us today. You can also read more about our PowerPoint Design services on our Complete Presentation and Brand Asset Deck pages.

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