Our process.

We really want to tell you all about our full line of presentation design and training services, but we don’t have your email! Just write somecontact info down here and we’ll get back to you in just a few minutes.

Get yourself a more effective presentation.

Sadly the vast majority of presentations don’t work hard enough, because presentation science is ignored. But we’re geeks when it comes to PowerPoint and communication science, and we use that insight to give an edge to our presentations.

If you’re interested in working with us, here’s what you can expect:

Initial Brief.

One of our Senior Account Managers, usually Paul or Holly, will arrange a chat with you to assess your needs, and offer solutions for what we believe will suit your requirements best. We offer a variety of presentation services so during our chat we’ll discuss things like messaging support, level of design, whether animation or interaction would be useful, what type of optimisation may be required etc.


We’ll send an estimate, usually as a range, which includes a breakdown of costs and different options where relevant. We can work to your budget if you have one, and can provide options and recommendations of what is possible within your budget. As you’d expect, the more time we have, the more we can improve your slides. Once a deadline and estimate have been agreed, your project joins our workflow.

Job starts.

We allocate an Account Manager who will be your main point of contact throughout the job process. They will work with our team to complete your job to the highest standard. Early on they’ll send you a sample to approve, to make sure we’re in line with your expectations and budget. Some projects have multiple steps that you will approve along the way (e.g. draft structure, messaging, storyboard, design, animation).

Job through to completion.

Once all samples (at every stage) are approved we’ll build your slides to completion. We check everything thoroughly before we send it back to you, and of course we’ll complete amends as required (some time for amends is always included in the estimate). Shortly after completion we’ll send an invoice; first time clients may be required to pay for a project in advance.