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You’ve got the idea that’ll change the world—a moment of pure genius that’s yours. That seed needs cultivation, so you proceed to think up a grand presentation to sell your ideas and get investors on board. And you know you’ve only got one shot per person.
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Our investor presentation design service will take your seed of an idea and make it bloom. As a well-established and experienced design and presentation experts, we’ll bring your grand ideas to life. You need a presentation that’s high impact, communicates your vision and convinces others to believe in what you’re offering the world. That’s where our expertly crafted investor presentation designs come in.

Whether you need seed funding or you’re ready to go public, our professional design services offer bespoke designs that embody you and your idea and inspire others to invest in your world-changing ideas.

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We’re presentation and design experts with decades of experience. We’ve sat in on hundreds of events and we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We take the winning formulas and apply our expertise and care to producing tailored and designed investor presentations that win audiences over.
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Our deep interest, passion and expertise form the fabric of the quality we bring. Our professional team of experts will take your great idea and use it to tell your authentic story. Our design skills across PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi mean we can create compelling visuals that truly captivate your idea and presents it in the best possible light. Our presentations help people like you capture the attention of top investors and communicate your ideas to make them a part of your fantastic projects.

Professional Investor Presentation Designers

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As professional investor presentation designers, we know first-hand how to capture, hold and convert attention with a winning formula. We understand you need to entice and persuade with your great idea—and the way you present it needs to be on-point to bring the investments in.

We’ve worked with clients across the entire spectrum who’ve needed their incredible new ideas brought to life and presented in a way that compels others to take action. And that’s where we come in. Our experts in design will present and showcase everything from the genesis of the idea to how it’s going to work to how much potential it has. We’ll help you communicate your unique ideas and cultivate investor connections that can bring your vision into being.

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Our creative process

Understand the brief
Develop solutions
Initial concept
Presentation design
Final tweaks and delivery

What our clients say

Simon Hinks, Sainsbury’s

“Thanks for this – it looks great (you guys are just brilliant at converting one lines of guidance into great slides)!”

Yulander Charles, NHS

“A BIG THANK YOU to you and your team for the hard work put in to making yesterday’s presentation a success, it went really smoothly and the execs and delegates feedback that it was excellent.”

Simon Davis, Sainsbury's

“It has been a pleasure working with you and you have always delivered – A lot of companies don’t have the consistent high quality standards that you have!”

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