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If you’ve taken the time to clearly define your brand messaging, then you know how frustrating it is to have a PowerPoint template at your presentation that doesn’t reflect your branding at all. We often see organisations rely on a basic, built-in PowerPoint theme, the only modification being the colour palette to match the company colours. 

Your brand asset deck can accomplish so much for your brand messaging. A slide deck that incorporates your logos and artwork radiates professionalism. Organisations utilise branding to be recognisable to the public. Why would you forgo this recognition when you give a presentation? Especially if it’s a big keynote speech or conference? 

Organisations all over London, and even overseas, rely on the Presentation Experts to create stunning yet orderly brand asset decks. With our expertise in corporate presentation creation and development, we’re poised to offer our clients highly professional and highly functional slide decks for their branding.

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What is a Brand Asset Deck?

A brand asset deck is one component of your larger brand asset management strategy. Your brand is comprised of your logos, guidelines, artwork, and other communication elements that face the public. A brand asset is any digital file or document used for marketing your organisation. A brand asset deck is a PowerPoint slide deck or template that adheres to your established branding. It can be used for any internal or external presentations you give. 

Our Services for Creating a PowerPoint Deck

What do you get when you work with the Presentation Experts on your brand asset deck? We can take all your brand assets – your files and documents – and apply them expertly into a coherent slide deck. Whether you’re giving presentations within the company or to external audiences, your slides will capture your brand perfectly.

We can also take existing brand asset decks you have and modify them for ultimate functionality. An intelligent, branded slide design is only worthwhile if it can be used and modified across your organisation. Our goal is creating a professional slide deck that fits with your messaging and is ready to use for any presenter in your company.

The Benefits of Working with Us

Ensuring consistency across your channels, so that everywhere your name appears has the right image, colour palette, messaging, etc., can be a full-time job. With disorganised brand asset management, you’re sure to have incoherent slide decks. Slides that don’t conform to your branding are confusing – and therefore disengaging – for your audience. Disjointed PowerPoint templates also represent more work for any presenter who’s tasked with using the template for their presentation. 

By collaborating with the Presentation Experts for your brand asset deck, you don’t have to worry about presentation templates that don’t fit with your messaging. With our expertise in corporate presentation creation, we’ll be able to produce a logical, practical slide deck that actually serves as an asset to your brand, rather than a liability.   

You’ve already gone through the extensive process of defining your brand, establishing guidelines, visual components, and appropriate messaging. Wouldn’t it be a shame if your PowerPoint templates didn’t reflect all of the work that you did? With the Presentation Experts, your brand identity development won’t be for naught. You can grant us access to your brand assets, which we’ll incorporate seamlessly into a sleek, customisable brand asset deck.

Let the Presentation Experts Build Your Perfect Brand Asset Deck Today

If you’re ready to take your organisation’s branding efforts seriously, then the Presentation Experts can help. Our services in creating and updating brand asset decks can help boost your brand’s consistency and professionalism. To find out more about creating brand asset decks, get in touch with us today. You can also read more about our PowerPoint design services on our Complete Presentation and Slide Revamp pages.