We’re presentation designers and experts with decades of experience. We take complex ideas and craft them into engaging presentations that are visually consistent with your brand. And, as you’d expect, we deliver that content on any platform, including PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi.


We create clear, elegant and meaningful presentation designs. Our clients include financial institutions and fashion labels; public sector bodies and luxury hotels; law firms, property developers and national retailers. They all share one thing in common: they need to communicate effectively with their audiences. That’s where the benefits of a skilled presentation designer comes in. Although much of our work is commissioned directly, we also collaborate with PR, marketing and brand agencies. Want to know more? Visit our blog here

Why we're different.

We’re drawing from real world experiences. We started off producing live-events; it’s what our sister-company Purple Patch Group still does. It’s given us a front row seat at hundreds of presentations. We know what works and what doesn’t because we’ve seen both first-hand.

Our starting point.

What do you want to say and who are you going to say it to? It’s as simple as that. Yet time and time again this is where a potentially great presentation becomes unstuck. Before we do anything pretty onscreen, we work closely with you to sharpen your message and understand your audience.

Personal Service

Whatever the scale of your project, you’ll collaborate with a dedicated presentation expert from start to finish.

Time Critical

We’d all like it to be different, but sometimes you just need things fast. We’re experienced at delivering quick turn-arounds.


Our presentations aren’t generic – they’re one-offs, designed from scratch to talk to your specific audience.


The joint experience of our two founders brings over 25 years of event management and presentation design experience. Each year our directors Paul & Holly along with the team produce over 200 individual presentations, manage over 250 hours of events and produce more than 300 minutes of corporate film.

Presentation experts was born out of Purple Patch Group – a long established event management company here in London. We exist to service clients that specifically need presentation support as opposed to the whole event service.

Many of our clients come to us with a presentation design project at short notice, but we don’t mind. Their first point of contact will be with Paul or Holly who will maintain that contact throughout the whole project, so you won’t be passed between different people.

The biggest issue we solve for our clients is that they have a great product, service or message – but need to present it in a compelling way. Which is exactly what we’re the experts in. Our skills lie in being able to turn that into something that can be easily presented.

We're not your average designers.

As proud presentation specialists we’re very responsive to our client’s needs – whether that’s our fast response times to new jobs or our speed in delivering estimates and creative solutions. We’re masters at taking dull presentations including Powerpoints; and turning them into masterpieces.

This is uniquely backed up by our heritage in live events – no other presentation company in the UK is also delivering actual physical on the ground events – we are.