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Presentations are more than just writing on the wall, and we get that. You want to amaze your audience while keeping them engaged in your message and that is exactly what a professionally designed presentation should do.

Communicating with your audience is more than just the words you say, they need visuals that support your words without distracting them along with consistent branding which leaves a lasting impression. Creating a presentation like that is not an easy task, but we’re professionals at doing just that!

As a specialist presentation design agency we craft our work with your goal in mind. Whether that’s a presentation to tell your story, persuade an audience to take action, or showcase your brand. We’re experts in designing presentations across all platforms: PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi.

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We’re professional presentation design agency with decades of on-the-ground experience sitting front row at hundreds of events, so we know what works and what doesn’t because we’ve seen both! Unlike a traditional graphic design agency our expertise lie in powerpoint presentation design and event branding, so you can be sure that your next presentation is in the best hands from start to finish.

Our design skills across PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi means we can create captivating graphics and visual effects that you didn’t know were possible. The outcome of being one of a kind of professional presentation can make you feel completely confident to stand next to at your next event, keynote speech, or award ceremony.

Powerful presentation creation.

Presentations are a regular feature in any event, meeting, or conference. But more often than not the presentations we come across are either dull or disengaging, or loud and distracting which are not good news for the person presenting. However with our expertise in presentation design, we have created hundreds of carefully crafted PowerPoint presentations for a range of business applications, such as:

We take powerpoint presentations to a new level using the powerful capabilities of PowerPoint producing visual presentation aids that feature animation, creative branding, infographics, concise messaging and engaging visuals. All the while keeping close to your brief and delivering a presentation that aligns with your business goals. We also provide presentation training in London.

Our PowerPoint services.

As a specialist presentation design company, we take pride in offering a range of PowerPoint services to suit the needs of our clients, because we know that not both presentations are the same. Maybe you’ve just been through a re-brand and are looking to have all of your current presentations updated and refreshed, or you’re pitching for investment and need an entire pitch deck we can help through a mix of the following services:

  • Full presentation creation – We’ll take you from idea to end product and design a presentation that delivers the right messaging through an engaging PowerPoint.
  • Presentation re-design – Let us breathe some life back into your old presentation and bring them up to date with your brand through impeccable design that engages your audience.
  • Interactive displays – PowerPoint’s aren’t only for big projector screens. We design effective display visuals for any application using the powerful features available to us by pairing this with creative design.
  • PowerPoint templates – We’ll design and build fully customisable PowerPoint templates and provide training so you can walk away with an expertly designed template that can be used across many areas of your business.

Bringing presentations to life is what we do, and communicating your message is what our presentations do. We offer bespoke design services to deliver exactly what your business needs by working closely with you throughout each project.

Our process.


Whether in person or virtually we like to talk, it’s the best way to understand your project and set out goals to produce an amazing presentation that delivers your message. This starts the process of aligning our final presentation to your needs.


The key to any successful project is highlighting the opportunities that exist for you to stand out in a unique way. Understanding your audience and what drives them is fundamental to engaging them in your data. Which is why our team spends time thinking about your project and crafting a design plan for your infographic that delivers on your goal?


Putting our ideas into visuals and bringing them to life is where our passion lies. We enjoy making you look great by amazing your audience through a meaningful presentation design.


Any presentation we work on is always delivered on time, on brief and on budget!

Present like a pro!

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