Should you outsource your presentation design service?

Should you outsource your presentation design service?

It is estimated there are between 30-40 million PowerPoint presentations given every day. Of these, there is a belief that millions of pounds are wasted due to poorly designed presentations. Even after 25 years of being able to put together a PowerPoint presentation design the idea still exists that getting the most out of the software is simply a case of compiling lots of text and images.

When the tool is put into the right hands, you are more likely to receive a better end result. Businesses of all sizes considering working with a presentation design agency will improve their chances of pitching, selling, or transforming the minds of their target audience. Here are some of the core reasons why businesses outsource their design.

Save valuable time

One of the most noticeable traits of any expert in their field is the ability to find the most efficient way of producing the highest quality results. The opposite is just as true when it comes to tackling a task that is out of your comfort zone. You may eventually reach a point where you are satisfied with the end product but getting there often takes up a lot of valuable time and energy.

This is certainly the case when it comes to creating a PowerPoint presentation design. Especially when working on a message of real importance for a crucial internal meeting or trade event. For smaller companies in particular, other key areas in their business can be neglected in the interim almost negating the positive work being put into the presentation.

Finding an agency that can provide expert presentation design services makes the process far more time efficient. Not only do you get a truly professional product from an experienced team, but it also allows more space for you to practice the delivery to perfection.

Enhanced design

While clear and concise delivery is key to the success of every presentation, design remains the backbone in helping you achieve that. A strong PowerPoint presentation design will not only help guide the audience, but also keep the speaker on track.

Presentations act as a referral point for both crowd and speaker throughout, with most of the attention focused on the person addressing the room. If the audience become lost, it is usually because the speaker is too, and the reason for that comes down to poor design choices that confuses everyone in the room.

Working with a presentation design agency that can create a captivating aesthetic but also enhance the message through the layout is worth its weight in gold. Those experienced in providing presentation design services have first-hand knowledge in telling a story through a combination of still images, videos and text. They will provide a base for your presenter to deliver a memorable message that gets the reaction you want from your audience.

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Return on investment

We’ve worked with some of the largest organisations in the UK, helping businesses like City & GuildsSainsbury’s and Allied Health target specific audiences. The outside perception may be that corporate companies such as this have the resources available in-house and wouldn’t require help from a presentation design agency. This may be true up to a point, but they also see the value in working with specialists who can help them achieve their goals.

The same principle can be applied to businesses without anywhere near the same level of infrastructure as an RBS or Sainsbury’s. Securing presentation design services from an agency will ensure value for money. Not only in the quality of product you receive but the potential returns it opens your business up to once it has been presented.

Whether it’s a sales pitch or a conference talk, a great presentation enhances your brand. Even if you are not directly selling a service or product while speaking, you are still inadvertently pitching your business to everyone in the room by simply being there. Every presentation is important because they act as a representation of your business.

Long term partnerships

A presentation design agency is able to become a longstanding and reliable partner to your business, providing a source of consistent branding and high quality work. This is something we have developed with many of our clients, such as Elemis who were looking for an agency who could always meet the exceptional standards their organisation is renowned for.

Time is of the essence within smaller companies in particular, and if you secure an important meeting at short notice, finding the time to put together a compelling PowerPoint presentation design only adds to the pressure. This is without taking into account the time needed to organise the other important details needed ahead of the appointment.

This is one of the many benefits of working with an agency on an ongoing basis as they get to understand your brand and messaging in-depth.

This also enable us at Presentation Experts to turn around high-quality work in as little as one or two days for our clients.

Final thoughts

When you are in need of a marketing expert, you hire someone with a lot of marketing experience. If you want to increase sales, you get in the best sales people to secure more deals. The same should be said for presentations, given their value to your company. Working with an agency providing presentation design services will ensure you get the best results all round and achieve the returns you are looking for.

As a professional powerpoint company we work with a range of clients for both quick turnaround projects and long-term partnerships. So if you’re considering a new agency to handle all of your presentation needs, click here to contact us.

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