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To show you how Presentation Experts can help you win over investors with a winning pitch deck, we created the Best Pitch Deck in the World...Ever! And it’s free to download and use in your next start-up funding meeting or sales pitch.

Our clients come to us with a need to wow their investors or make sales. At Presentation Experts, we create pitch decks that express your company’s value, show off your unique propositions, and engage your audience. We believe good presentation design is the difference between making the sale or losing the investor.

The Best Pitch Deck in the World template uses engaging design and animation to stir emotion in your audience. A good sales pitch shouldn’t just inform, it should move your listeners to act. Getting your audience to act is crucial in a start-up investment meeting. With our pitch deck design services for sales presentations, we offer exceptional, professional presentations that fit your company’s exact needs.

We are thrilled to offer this FREE pitch deck template to help start-ups secure investors. Let us know if you used our pitch deck to get funding for your start-up. We love hearing success stories!


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PowerPoint presentations should be exciting and experiential. You’re not passively giving information to your audience, you’re building anticipation and creating a shared experience. To build the best pitch deck we’ve ever created, we channeled the excitement and emotional response your listeners should have when they hear your pitch.

In our sting video for the Best Pitch Deck in the World, we used the same techniques superhero films use to build anticipation for our free pitch deck template, to show you how important getting an emotional response is for your sales or investment pitch.

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Design and animation are essential to the success of The Best Pitch Deck in the World template we’ve created. Our pitch deck design services services use a variety of visual hooks, different colours, lifestyle imagery, animation types, and music to engage your audience and stir their emotions. Whether you want to create a sense of peace, wonder, urgency, or anticipation with your pitch deck, our presentation designs can meet your challenge.

Watch our sample video to see a showcase of animated design elements that we use to dazzle your audience.

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At Presentation Experts, we create investment and sales pitch decks for our clients. We have a proven track record of helping clients win investors, fund their start-ups, and secure sales. The Best Pitch Deck in the World is a culmination of best practices we’ve developed over the years by designing successful pitch decks. With our free template, you can use or change the presentation elements to adapt it to your company or product.

Watch a short video of our Director, Holly Faulkner, who explains why clients use Presentation Experts, the ideas behind the Best Pitch Deck in the World, and why we love helping people win their pitches.

Our clients come to presentation experts mostly for either investment pitch decks or sales pitch decks. Our best pitch deck ever has fantastic imagery and we've got lots of really strong styles in there that you can use yourself. Put your own imagery in there; use your own words. But also, we've made it easy for you to bring out the important pieces of information really clearly. When a client comes to us and tells us they've won a pitch with our presentation, it's the best thing. It's the best feeling. It's what it's all about for us.

The best pitch deck in the world... ever

It's difficult to imagine how a pitch deck design can make investors say "Yes!"

So we're going to show you what a real business winning pitch deck looks like. Download it for free now - The Best Pitch Deck In The World... Ever.

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