5 Tips for Delivering Sales Presentations that Work

5 Tips for Delivering Sales Presentations that Work

Making sales can be challenging if your sales presentations don’t work. Of course, the sales pitch is undoubtedly the most important part of the entire sales cycle. Apart from your first call, the first meeting or sales presentation is most probably going to set the tone for the rest of the sales cycle and could easily become a precursor of success or failure. You’ve got only one chance to make or break the deal.

So how can you give a flawless sales presentation, time and again? How do you grab the attention of your client and ensure you get a good response from them? 

In this article, we will share with you a few valuable tips as the experts of Presentation Training in London on how to deliver sales presentations that work.  

Tip #1: Make the First Impressions Count

Research says that the first impressions might happen in just the blink of an eye and once formed, it’s difficult to change. Does this mean it’s too difficult to make a good first impression? Maybe not! What this does mean, however, is that if we are well prepared, we do stand a chance to make it count.

With experience, you will learn that it’s critical to put our best foot forward from the get-go. You would have to come across as super confident, likeable, trustworthy, open, and engaging. Why be on the back foot when you can have their benefit of the doubt?

Tip #2: Prepare Well For the Meeting, In Advance

Before attending the meeting make sure that you are prepared well in advance. For instance, make sure to look up the company on LinkedIn, and check out the profiles of the client you will be meeting. This will help you learn about the background of the company, the person, the work they do, and the kind of problems they might be facing. It may also help you find any mutual connections if they exist. All this goes a long way when it comes to building a solid initial rapport and leaving a lasting first impression.

Tip #3: Demonstrate Confidence with Your Body Language

When it comes to delivering presentations, body language is often the most overlooked aspect. You may be using the best words in your presentation, but if your body language seems out of sync with it, chances are you are not going to achieve the best results. Of course, it gets better with practice, but you can ask your colleagues for their feedback, as a starting point. You will be amazed by the amount of feedback, and sometimes, useful criticism you get. Having said this, nothing beats learning it hands-on with the help of detailed and thorough presentation training in London which goes over this in detail.

Tip #4: Be Practical

Needless to say, time is a very valuable resource for both the parties and we want to make a lasting impact with the help of our sales presentation. However, this doesn’t always mean we should try to bombard them with loads of information in the shortest time possible. We just need to show them that we understand their need and our products or services may prove useful for their company. It’s advisable not to have a “one-pitch-fits-all-companies” attitude if you want to achieve the best results with your sales presentations.

Tip #5: Share a Definitive Call-to-Action at the End of Your Presentation

Whenever you’re wrapping up or coming to the close of your sales pitch or meeting, it’s a nice idea to recap on what information was delivered, any points that were agreed upon in the meeting, and most importantly, have an urgent call to action. In case there are any pending actions you are waiting on from the client, make sure that you follow up on email by the end of the same day, while highlighting the meeting notes, as this will show them that you were sincere and are also proactive.

Final Thoughts 

If you take note of just a couple of these points and implement them in your next sales meeting, you will start seeing better results right away. Simply put, be prepared, be genuine, be confident, and most importantly keep in mind why you are there. 

If you still need some more guidance with creating your presentations or want to improve your delivery, don’t forget to check out this space for future updates. We also provide a Presentation Training Program that brings out the presentation expert in you. 

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