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Expert Presentation Training in London

Do you and your team struggle to put together high quality and professional presentations? Does the thought of delivering a sales pitch or leading a team meeting make you anxious? Before you write off presentations as “not your thing”, consider what presentation training could do for you.

You can develop coherent presentation skills, learn the ins and outs of stellar presentation design, establish confidence in yourself as a public speaker, and master presentation script writing.  

With our presentation training program, you’ll acquire the skills you need to deliver fantastic presentations. Thanks to our years of experience in presentation design and event management, our experts have seen hundreds of presentations. By now, we know a good presentation when we see one. And we know exactly which techniques top presenters use to give stand-out presentations. In our training session, we’ll pass those methods on to you.

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Presentation Training

What it is:

A relaxed, one-day course that will combine two main skills: 1) how to improve your existing slides and 2) how to deliver a memorable presentation.

What it isn’t:

Fast-paced, filmed, putting people on the spot, exhausting, or scary.

For who:

Aimed at small groups of colleagues who need to make important presentations from time to time. 

Skill Level:

Individuals who are competent in PowerPoint but open to new design ideas and a fresh approach to existing materials. Also, colleagues who need to make stand-up presentations either internally or externally. 


At your office, ideally in two medium-sized meeting rooms. Alternatively, at an external venue (venue costs charged at cost). Outside of London also available.

Group Size:

The training day is perfect for groups of eight people. 

The Coaches:

Your day will be run by three people – all experts in their disciplines. 

Meet our coaches:


Director, Purple Patch Group with 15 years’ experience of managing live events

Van Hool

Presentation Coach, RADA Dip. MA MSc
One-to-one coach on executive presence and confidence


Expert Presentation Designer with over 20 years of hands on design experience

The Structure.


Arrival and introductions


A group discussion about presentation challenges, understanding what colleagues want to take away from the day. A two-minute presentation from each attendee using their existing slides.


Group 1. A two-hour session with a presentation designer. Go back to basics with a look at the ethos behind presentation design. What are today’s design trends? We take a close look at your existing presentation regarding length, style, complexity, and the storyboard. Learn some new insights from our designer and refresh your slides.


Break for lunch


Repeat of the morning session with the groups swapped. Group 1 – Presentation coach session. Group 2 – Presentation designer session 


A group discussion about learnings from the day, learnings from each other, and reflections about what three things we will do differently going forward. Followed by a repeat of the morning two-minute presentations using the new skills acquired during the day and feedback from colleagues. 


Final questions and close

Why Presentation Training?

Formal presentation training has proven benefits for career development and team collaboration. People who feel confident as public speakers open more professional opportunities for themselves. They can handle important investment meetings, take point on team projects, and ask their boss for a promotion. Presentation training is designed to help you level up your presentation game, raise your confidence, and deliver your best – whether you’re a beginner or an experienced presenter. 

Presentation training also benefits communication amongst the entire organisation. When colleagues know how to express their insights well, projects get done more efficiently and productivity soars. When people speak to each other more clearly, the workplace becomes happier and team members have higher job satisfaction. Learning how to communicate well is an invaluable skill for individuals and companies. With our presentation training, we help you hone that skill. 


Why choose a professional presentation training program for your organisation? Can’t you just watch a few TED Talks about public speaking instead? You could, but you wouldn’t have the benefit of in-person feedback. You’d also miss out on all the competencies our comprehensive training offers. We don’t focus solely on public speaking – we also teach you the fundamentals of creating an appealing slide deck, as well as how to prepare the perfect script.

The Presentation Experts are more than a graphic design agency and more than a public speaking firm. We’re both. By combining the expertise of our designers and our event management leaders, we offer organisations an inclusive presentation solution. In our training, we’ll teach you how to plan, create, and execute an incredible presentation from start to finish. You’ll feel more poised as a presenter because you have both the speaking skills and the design skills to support your presentation.