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Building On Your Presentation Design Skills

The Presentation Experts have a background in producing and managing live events and conferences, so we’ve watched countless speeches and presentations over our founders’ combined 25 years of experience.
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We know what makes a good presentation and what doesn’t.

We’re more than just a graphic design agency, because we craft clean, substantive, and profound presentations by integrating design with powerful public speaking. In our guided presentation design workshop, we’ll teach you the major components of seamlessly combining design with a compelling speech.

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What Does a Presentation Designer Do

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By working with PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, and other major presentation tools, we have the resources to create your perfect presentation. One such resource is manipulating PowerPoint Designer, the Office 365 feature which generates ideas for your presentation. Our designers make the most of resources like these, but ultimately, craft their own designs.

Presentation designers combine the best of graphic design and business communication to create professional, stunning presentations. Our designers use presentation tools to create visual elements of your presentation, which are paired with your speech. We are able to take your message and brand style and deliver them with insightful clarity.

As part of our presentation training, we’ll take you through guided presentation design, sharing our best practices on crafting polishing, informative, and compelling presentations.

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Meet our coaches

Holly Faulkner

Director, Purple Patch Group with 15 years’ experience of managing live events

Janie Van Hool

Presentation Coach, RADA Dip. MA MSc One-to-one coach on executive presence and confidence

Joe Newell

Expert Presentation Designer with over 20 years of hands on design experience

Tips for designing a presentation

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Simplify – Keeping your visuals pared down increases their functionality. The more text you try to cram onto a slide the faster you’ll lose your audience. Stick to basic concepts that accentuate the main points of the information you’re conveying. To that end, you should also limit animation in your presentation. These can be distracting and unless your presentation is very niche, they don’t serve a purpose.

High Quality Images and Graphics – Photographs, rather than clip art, tend to make a better impression. And if you use photos, make sure they’re high resolution so they don’t appear pixelated on a big screen. You can either purchase professional stock photos or take your own if you have a digital camera.

Avoid Templates – You should aim to have an overall visual theme in your presentation, but don’t rely on PowerPoint’s built-in templates if you can help it. Chances are that your audience has seen most of the templates before. A bespoke design for your slides gives your content a fresh feeling, which is exactly what your listeners find compelling.

Make the Best Use of Colour – Colour is a powerful visual component of your presentation. Use it wisely. You can use colour to draw attention, create emotion, or promote your brand. Before setting out to design a presentation, it’d be smart to educate yourself on the basics of colour theory. In our guided presentation design training, we teach you about incorporating colour the right way in your presentation.

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What our clients say

Simon Hinks, Sainsbury’s

“Thanks for this – it looks great (you guys are just brilliant at converting one lines of guidance into great slides)!”

Yulander Charles, NHS

“A BIG THANK YOU to you and your team for the hard work put in to making yesterday’s presentation a success, it went really smoothly and the execs and delegates feedback that it was excellent.”

Simon Davis, Sainsbury's

“It has been a pleasure working with you and you have always delivered – A lot of companies don’t have the consistent high quality standards that you have!”

Why you should take public speaking training from a presentation design agency

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As a presentation design agency, we straddle two in-demand services. We create remarkable presentations thanks to our graphic design and public speaking experts. Most agencies can only offer you one or the other.

As part of our guided presentation design, we’ll help boost your public speaking skills. You won’t just master giving speeches, you’ll master overall presentation delivery. In the professional world, chances are you won’t give a big presentation without some form of visual aid. Rather than only specialising in one aspect of presentations, we’re experts in both. And with our training, you’ll master both as well.

Guided presentation design from the Presentation Experts is only one aspect of our presentation training. We also offer script writing, presentation coaching, and presentation skills development.

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We’re professional PowerPoint designers with decades of on-the-ground experience sitting front row at hundreds of events, so we know what works and what doesn’t because we’ve seen both!
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Unlike a traditional graphic design agency our expertise lie in powerpoint presentation design and event branding, so you can be sure that your next presentation is in the best hands from start to finish.

Our design skills across PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi means we can create captivating graphics and visual effects that you didn’t know were possible. The outcome of being one of a kind of professional presentation can make you feel completely confident to stand next to at your next event, keynote speech, or award ceremony.

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