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Developing Your Presentation Skills

The Presentation Experts offer presentation training to companies and organisations that want to enhance their employees’ public speaking skills. In our workshop, we’ll teach you various techniques for delivering presentations, as well as fine-tuning your presentation skills. These sessions are based on our years of experience in the event management and presentation design industries. Our goal is helping you achieve great presentations. 

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Developing a Presentation Technique

What’s your presentation technique? Is there more than one way to go about giving a presentation? Of course! Famous public speakers are renowned because they’ve refined their particular presentation style. And with the right presentation skills development, you can sharpen your style too. 

Meet our coaches:


Director, Purple Patch Group with 15 years’ experience of managing live events

Van Hool

Presentation Coach, RADA Dip. MA MSc
One-to-one coach on executive presence and confidence


Expert Presentation Designer with over 20 years of hands on design experience

What Makes a Great Presentation?.

Developing your presentation skills is a worthwhile endeavour. It can boost your confidence and help you advance professionally. When it comes to delivering a great presentation, there are three pillars to work from.

  • Gather Info Beforehand – Always prepare your presentation! No matter how many you’ve given before or the context you’re presenting in, plan your presentation ahead of time as much as possible. This not only includes preparing your slides and writing your speech but also taking structural factors into account. Who are you giving the presentation to and where? What do you want to say and how should you say it? What technical capabilities are available at the venue you’re in? Will your presentation be live-streamed? Gather as much background info as you can.
  • Tell a Story – A good presentation engages the audience; the best presentations include a narrative. Telling a story, rather than dryly presenting facts, has the potential to make a huge impact on your audience. Nail down your storyboard before you start writing your script. Telling a story also means cramming less content onto your slides, as this can be both distracting and overwhelming for your audience.

Connect – Finally, your goal any time you present should be a genuine connection with your audience. Listeners appreciate authenticity. This connection will also make your presentation more memorable. You can establish a rapport with the audience by focusing on a narrative approach, as we mentioned above. It also requires a natural, confident demeanour, which you can hone with presentation skills development.

Our Tips for Improving Presentation Skills

With our professional presentation skills development, you’ll learn the essentials for improving your presentation skills. Here are our top tips for sharpening your delivery and developing a personal public speaking style.

  • Practice – You’ll never discover what your personal style is if you never rehearse! When practicing your presentation, try out different techniques like cracking a joke, or being enthusiastic or high-energy. See how they work for you, and determine what makes you the most comfortable. The worst thing you can do is adopt a speaking style that doesn’t fit you – your audience will be able to tell.
  • Convert Nerves – Whether novice or expert, everyone gets nervous right before giving a presentation. Instead of letting your nerves bury you, harness that energy into enthusiasm instead.
  • Study Up – Watch other presenters at conferences or meetings and take notes. What techniques are they using to connect with the crowd? Do they have a style that you’d like to emulate? You can learn a lot about your own speaking skills by attentively observing others.
  • Be Positive – Positive visualisation in a productive method for tightening your speaking skills. Instead of worrying that you’ll make a mistake, visualise yourself giving a great presentation. Imagine that you’ll deliver your speech with charm and poise. Picturing a positive outcome is much more likely to make it happen. 

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