The Value of Online Presentations in a Lockdown World

The Value of Online Presentations in a Lockdown World

Delivering presentations is a crucial part of the job for countless business professionals, especially corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, subject-matter experts, and sales professionals. However, of late, traveling and having face-to-face meetings has become challenging, owing to the social distancing norms, such as lockdowns, quarantines, and curfews being imposed by governments across the globe in an effort to curb the spread COVID-19.

Without a doubt, online presentations have emerged as a highly valuable and relevant alternative to their regular, face-to-face counterparts. In this article, we share what are the top advantages of online presentations for professionals who wish to continue advancing their careers in the post COVID-19 era. But first, let’s have a look at what makes online presentations valuable for industry professionals in times like these.

What Makes Online Presentations Valuable in a Lockdown World

According to the latest study published by McKinsey & Co., the preferences and behaviors of B2B decision-makers in the UK have changed significantly since the beginning of COVID-induced lockdowns. Online meetings and interactions have been key to persuading decision-makers, regardless of whether sales reps are interacting with SMBs or large enterprises. In fact, less than 25% of B2B buyers actually want to interact with sales reps in-person, even if lockdowns are completely lifted in the future and things start returning back to normalcy.

This means that learning how to design and deliver online sales presentations is now more critical than ever, considering that 3 out of 4 buyers, partners, prospects, and investors will prefer communicating using digital medium over any other medium, in times to come. Needless to say, both sales professionals and buyers are in the same boat, and those who are unable to quickly adapt to the new medium may not be able to generate satisfactory results.

5 Reasons Why Online Presentations Are A Great Choice in a Lockdown World

Better Interactivity

Virtual presentations allow the participants to indulge in discussions and share their feedback instantly, using tools and features that are unavailable in the in-person meetings. It’s possible to include Q&As, polls, surveys, feedback loops, etc. in the presentation slides, thereby promoting real-time engagement among the participants. In addition to this, you can track the attendance, along with individual feedback and behavior, both during and after the presentation.

Effective Audience Reach and Accessibility

Not only do online presentations allow for better interactivity and effortless communication, they help presenters reach a wider audience by crossing the barriers of location, time-zone differences, and travel restrictions. This way your presentation attendees have no reason to not show up for the meeting, even during the lockdown! However, just in case any of them still miss the live online session (or want to reassess what was shared in the live presentation), you can always share the session’s recording with them using a link.

Improved Productivity

Most virtual presentations can be coordinated and delivered on short notice, with relative ease. Sending out meeting invitations is just as easy as sending a message to your attendees with a meeting invite and a link. In addition to this, there’s no need to travel, for anyone involved. This directly saves a lot of time, and improves the productivity of both the individuals delivering the presentation, as well as the attendees.

Significant Cost Savings and Higher ROI

Needless to say, there’s no need to arrange for a venue, when it comes to online presentations. Furthermore, the planning and logistics require minimal resources. This is what makes them a valuable tool for business owners who are looking to increase the revenue and decrease the costs involved in delivering presentations.

Highly Convenient

The level of convenience that comes with delivering presentations online is unparalleled. Here are some important ones:

  • Simply schedule and join the online meeting, using software of choice
  • Share across important documents in real-time
  • Quickly look up the latest data or research on the topic of the presentation, right in the middle of the presentation or during the Q&A session
  • The presentation anxiety that comes with facing large crowds is almost eliminated
  • Put yourself and everyone involved out of harm’s way by avoiding the outdoors

Wrapping Up

Delivering online presentations is hands down the best activity for professionals looking to improve their productivity during times when going out and seeing their prospects in-person isn’t possible. Needless to say, gaining the ability of delivering perfect online presentations is crucial for professionals who don’t want to miss out on any opportunities and make it big in 2021 and beyond.

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