Sales Presentations: Frequently Asked Questions (and How to Prepare for Them)

Sales Presentations: Frequently Asked Questions (and How to Prepare for Them)

Perhaps you already know how to start a sales pitch. However, preparing for the sales presentations still remains one of the most important practices when it comes to winning more business. Without adequate preparation, it’s likely that you will fail in your endeavours.

So, how do you ensure your sales presentation goes well and you answer every question from the client in a satisfactory way? How do you win their confidence in the Q&A session? As a presentation design company we have you covered. In this article, we share questions that are most frequently asked after a sales presentation and how you can prepare for them well in advance.

FAQ #1: What value do you offer?

This query would usually have been covered in your presentation as you outlined the value of your product or service. However, more often than not, these similar questions will arise in the minds of your potential clients as they begin to pick your brains:

·     What value do you offer that no one else can?

·     How does your product or service compare to others?

In such cases, you need to provide them with a head-to-head comparison of your products/services with your competition. Tell them how your offerings have much more value to offer than other options available in the market. Get into the specifics and your clients will find it easier to trust your guidance on the matter. But remember, always make it relevant to their pain points, and how your product/service provides value in relation to them.

FAQ #2: How does it meet our requirements?

This is definitely something that would have been covered in your presentation, but yet, it’s also very common for questions around it to arise. So after a sales presentation, don’t be shocked when you’re bombarded with questions like:

·     Does it really meet our requirements?

·     How will it impact our business?

·     How will it help our business operations become more efficient?

·     How will your product/service help me expand my business?

·     Will, it help us increase the quality of my existing products/services?

·     How will it impact the bottom line/profitability of our business?

In such cases, you will need to convince them why your product/service is going to be valuable for their business operations. Closely understand their requirements and present them with facts on how your product/service is the most suitable solution for their business. Try to uncover what their business is lacking and present your product/service as the fix for that problem they are currently facing.

FAQ #3: Can we trust your advice?

Trust issues come up often both during and after a sales presentation. The same feeling can be expressed during and after your sales presentation in the form of questions like:

·     Will you be able to deliver?

·     Will your solution actually work?

·     How will it come together?

·     Will you and your company be able to deliver on its promises?

You will need to offer your clients the much-required confidence that they’re looking for. Tell them that you can deliver on the promises and really make things happen for them, but not just that, present case studies of your previous clients and their successes to support your confidence. You’ve done it before, and you can do it time and again!

FAQ #4: What after-sales support can we expect?

By using a well-defined sales presentation structure, these kinds of questions can sometimes be avoided, but if not, then the potential client might be left asking things like this:

·     What assistance will we receive in implementing the product/service across our organisation?

·     Will, you be taking care of all the compatibility issues that arise once we start using your product/service?

Your sales presentation needs to highlight and address these topics well in time before such questions can even arise in the mind of the client.

FAQ #5: What’s the proof of concept?

This is similar to previous questions, but it is a key one that you will likely be asked to show. Even if you have already gone through case studies during your presentation, you may be asked to go further in-depth about a client you worked with who faced similar struggles to the one you are sat infront of. Questions like this might arise:

·     How has your product/service worked for other clients/customers of yours?

·     Can you project estimated figures for our company based on your previous work?

·     Can you provide testimonials as proof to support your claims?

It’s not difficult to prepare for these type of questions and address them in your sales presentation unless online reputation or testimonials is something your company lacks right now. However, preparing for these moments is key to winning pitches and making sales.

FAQ #8: How do we purchase your product or signup for your service?

When this question comes up, you’re sure to have won their confidence – all you have to do now is lay out your purchase process in a simple way!

Final Thoughts

Being prepared for a sales presentation means being willing to spend far more time than what the average sales presentation lasts. By going through enough sales pitch examples, you will learn how to handle the common questions that arise in the minds of your potential clients when you deliver sales presentations.

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